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Restructuring and Turnaround Management

As a turnaround manager, we have many years of experience with the implementation of comprehensive restructuring and have successfully demonstrated in a variety of national and international clients in various industries. Our mutual goal is to secure and support together with the directors, shareholders, creditors and credit insurance providers the success and sustainability of your business.

We support and assist you in all aspects of the transaction process, i.e. throughout the environment of the sale and purchase of entire companies or individual parts of the business - from the preparation and initiation through to management and conclusion of contract negotiations.

In technological due diligence, we evaluate intellectual property rights, technology, know-how, research and development services. In the business due diligence, we check with the business, the organization, the business model, the market, competitors, sales and marketing, and human resources functions. Then, the risk identification and objective recommendation to our clients is the basis of his investment decisions. Our main focus lies in the systematic analysis of the current situation, the design and the implementation.